Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Week of Beach-Warning: Multiple Photos

Today's blog is a 50 snapshot commentary of our family's annual beach trip to Laguna Christian Retreat at Panama City Beach, Florida. We go and spent a week in the cottages surrounded by white sands and (hopefully) blue water! The set up is great for families as the houses are within yards of each other, dotted over a checkerboard of basketball courts, volleyball courts, in ground pools and picnic table lined patios. This year we were missing some of the clan as Ryan and Debbie are living in Washington State at Fort Lewis, Crissy and John had work conflicts and Lou is deployed....we missed having everyone but it was still a terrific time of relaxing and catching up on life. I arrived home late last night and am still in the unpacking process, especially since I shopped for my Ebay business en route....too many Goodwill bags floating around this place!
EXCITING BREAKING news from Kentucky is that Lou is scheduled to be coming home at the end of this week! That doesn't mean he'll actually be here then but it is a step in the right direction. The travel from there to here can take up to 5 days because of planes/schedules. I'm looking forward to spending a wonderful 15 days with him here...one of the reasons why this blog is merely pictures with captions...no novel time with everything that I need to plan! There was a mix-up in his leave dates between battalion and the powers that be, originally he was to leave today but that was changed a couple days ago. I have re-started my countdown clock and have many missions to complete.........Enjoy the photos of Florida!

Ginny: "Ooooh, where did you get those flip flops?" Maria: "TJ Maxx."

Ginny loved the sand but was crazy about water!

Maria wasn't so sure...

Running from the waves!

Bets and Me

Jim and Christie

T and Bets

Aunt Aimee with Betsy and T's youngest, Brady

Daddy Andrew and Ginny

The kids were a little excited about the pinata!

But it took He-man Daniel to destroy it after their muscles gave out before the pinata did!

Kate was in the line of fire :)

T and baby Brady!

Bets and Brady

The T Messer Family-minus Ashlynne, Debo and Bekah...Grandma gave them a "home vacation" so Mommy and Daddy could have a little time at the beach to relax.


Hugs anyone?

After multiple attempts to get a good family shot

I focused on the cooperative members of the James Messer clan. :)

Ahhh, finally! :)

The Andrew and Aimee Cutright Clan

Aren't those little blonde boys adorable? They stole my heart. :)

Mom's family still at home: Stu, Melissa and Lee

Most of the gang's here! We're missing: Crissy, John, Debbie and Ryan with TJ and Lily, 3 little Messer girls from T's house and Louis and me.

Brothers Drew and Ceddie. Can you resist them? Nope!

Love Maria's hair!

Ginny eyes the inflation plug

"This ain't that hard"

Cousins Lizzie Messer and Brady

Suddenly realizes that help is near..."Mama! Daddy!"

Girls' lunch out!

"The Other Side"

Night at Pier Park Carnival on the beach

May May was suitably awed!

All Smiles at this Point!

Look at that beautiful blonde hair!

Dan the Man :)

Perfect end to a week-the kite is actually flying! No kite eating trees in residence at the beach. :)