Sunday, March 10, 2013

Precious Memories

Our photos came back this week and I'm so happy we decided to capture this special time on camera with neither of us behind the lens! Our photographer Cailin of Cailin Powell Photography did such a beautiful job, you'd never guess it was 50 degrees and a "blustery windy day" looks idyllic in the photos. We are less than 5 minutes from our little house on post, with a glimpse of the Huachuca Mountains in several of the pictures.
The sunlight filtered through beautifully in these shots!
One of my favorites!
This one is so special too, although its hard to choose a favorite!
A for Anjuli- A little wall hanging I made of paper roses
Daddy holding the matching baby shoes-love the contrast between his big capable hands and these tiny things!
Goofing off as we hold our own baby pictures up-who will Anjuli resemble?
I found this dress at the local Goodwill, its not a maternity dress but I fell in love with it! The necklace is a combination of my late grandma's costume jewelry brooch and the necklace I wore on our wedding day.
Some of the props we used because of their significance-both the Messers and Crists enjoy a good game of Scrabble!
Anjuli at her last ultrasound shortly after we arrived to Fort Huachuca, Arizona
 Hope you enjoyed the slide show! :)